Friday, 17 June 2011

Reliant Scimitar Adventures

I first painted on this amazing classic car along with the first year illustrators on a "dystopian futures" theme.

 In the run up to our Degree Show, we painted the car grey and were given a self portrait theme.

I chose a nice big area

Then pencilled out my head

Painted it white and VoilĂ ! Even though I was super happy with it, not enough people got involved so the car was looking a bit sparse and weird..

We changed the brief and I painted a huge yellow anchor all over my face :p

Added a splash of pink (very girly!!)

Added the blue background and a fat black line

I decided that everything was looking a bit too happy.. 
so I chucked in a dead fish to even it out!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Assessment Fancy Dress

I dressed up as my character for my assessment last week. Just in case you can't really tell.. I am a zombie. On my neck and shoulder is a temporary tattoo of the 'who could ever learn to love a beast' design. I had some trouble putting it on, but the fact that it wrinkled made it look like rotting flesh, so that was a mega bonus! I love fancy dress!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Degree Show

It's the final countdown!
Here's a few different stages of setting up my display for assessment. I don't think I will change it for the degree show. Come along: Roland Levinski Building, 11th - 24th June.

 I set up a work bench, tattoo machine holder (the black piece of wood) and drew some sexy ladies onto my boards
 Then I hung a mirror in between them (It's smashed with an image slightly showing through)
 I placed my final images over the bodies on the wall
 Framed my screen prints, mounted my book holder and set up the work bench! VoilĂ !

 Had to display my backup work on a table for the assessment

Friday, 3 June 2011

Screen Printing :D

I decided to film myself doing some screen printing :]] They will be for sale at my degree show and then on my website.
In the background is a cameo appearance by Sarah Waters who has been doing some beautiful watercolour screen prints. 
I'm sorry that I look so grumpy.. and I was having a pretty bad hair day!! Haha.
The music playing is Sell Your Soul by The Creepshow.