Saturday, 19 February 2011


I decided to just get stuck straight in and draw directly onto the mannequin. I had the design idea in my head but hadn't done any sketches. My first attempt at placing the scroll made it look too fixed, too tight. I think it would have looked strange with the wings.

So I sketched where the wings would go and played around a lot with the scroll.

I settled on this but I'm still not sure it fully works.. 
but I was eager to get on and fill it in to see how it looked.

Final Product. It's not amazing but for a first go I'm pretty chuffed. I keep changing my mind about whether I like the skull or not.. For now.. I think I do :]]



  1. I love this Bex! Keep it coming :)

  2. wowww! The paint really brings it to life! Are you doing a series of these mannequins? Could make a great exhibition piece! love manda xXxXx

  3. Thankyou guys!
    I'm waiting for some Sharpies to arrive because I'm not the most patient person with paint, so wanted to see how they looked.
    Yeh I expect I will do a few more Manda.. I'm hoping to make an installation for my final major project :]]