Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hello My Name Is:

Bex :]]

Well, as I eventually got round to setting up a blog, I was also in the
process of packing the essentials for an amazingly hideously boiling yet beautiful holiday in Menorca!

On my return I had to go through all the hassle of moving everything I own to my new uni house, which had no internet connection until now, so finally, here's a proper hello!

I've just started my second year of Illustration at Plymouth uni and I'm already completely loving it. Over summer, I kept a sketchbook of all sorts of random things. Here are a few bits and bobs:

Tony's Fish & Chip Shop in Somerton, Somerset.

This was a sketch taken from the Kat Von D book :]]

Sin City

He wears a Red Bandana, Plays a Blues Piano, in a Honky Tonk, down in Mexico

A couple of sketches from the Banksy Exhibition in Bristol